SecureVolt X35
Intelligent Battery Protection

Enjoy carefree boating!


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Have you experienced a flat battery?

Have you ever forgotten to turn off lamps,
stereo or cooler?

SecureVolt X35 is a small robust control unit that continuously monitors your battery consumption, always prepared to turn off the consumption in order to ensure that you are able to start the engine.

Why should you install the SecureVolt X35?

  • Safeguards battery capacity for engine start
  • Increased battery lifespan
  • Developed and tested for permanent installation and maritime conditions
  • No relays or moving parts – long lifespan
  • No other battery guards necessary

SecureVolt X35 measures both current load and battery voltage using a unique principle (no external measurement resistors required). Advanced calculations monitor the residual battery capacity.

SecureVolt X35 always turns off at the right time.

With SecureVolt X35 you do not need a two battery installation.

SecureVolt X35 safeguards a battery against harmful discharge and thus increases battery lifespan. Hence it can be used to protect a single battery or a battery bank.

SecureVolt developed by PDlabs AS, see